Robin Mayberry LMT CBP

Robin Mayberry LMT CBP

Do you know your body’s trying to tell you something, but you don’t know what it’s saying?

Are you cool with giving yourself the space to get really well—except you don’t have the space?

Have you done a shitload of personal healing work, but your body is still throwing you shade?

BodyTalk is a language that creates a simple, highly effective conversation with your body, so we can get straight to the root of what your system needs to say.

Digestive issues? Headaches? Money woes? Broken heart? The BodyTalk System is built to work with all of it. We don’t do life AND have a body; we do life IN our bodies. So if we’re going to talk to the body, we’re going to talk to YOU.

What it looks like is you hanging out on my massage table while I talk to your system with a muscle checking technique. It’s quick, powerful and never the same twice. Once your body identifies where it needs to get hooked back up or what it needs to dissolve, bam. I do some tapping and the new story begins to unfold.

How can this be? Honestly, I don’t know. I also don’t know how electricity works but I can switch on a lamp. In the same way, eleven years of BodyTalk practice has taught me that I don’t have to get why, but I do have to show up and hit the switch.

(Before we start you should know: I do NOT diagnose, treat or cure ANYTHING. I am not a doctor or a therapist. I’m a listener that’s fluent in the language of your body. If you need critical physical or mental care, I will refer you to an appropriate professional.)

One thing I know for sure that your body is crazy-smart. You probably know it too. If your body is getting all excited right now, it might be time for some BodyTalk.

Every session is unique, confidential and always interesting.

Not in Ellensburg? Not a problem. We can do your session over the phone.

A 30 minute session is $90.

To see what YOUR body needs to say , click here to schedule.

Sending you light,


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