I'm on a mission to bring as much kindness, compassion and ease as I can to everyone who wanders into my circle. Which now includes you.

Here in my Ellensburg office, I do that by practicing massage and BodyTalk.

My massage style is intuitive and whole-body oriented, which means when I give a massage, I give an experience. Whether you need a deep tissue work, attention to a specific over-stressed body part, or a restorative massage that resets your body back to its happy place, I'm here to bring it.

I also practice BodyTalk, a tool I use to help you step into your radiant life, which I define as a life that's creative, relaxed, brave and powerful.  I use a muscle checking technique to talk directly to your body so we can identify what needs to be reconnected, and what needs to dissolve. The result is you getting out of your own way. Your body heals, your mind clears, your life opens up, and you step into possibilities you always knew were there.

In the last ten-odd years I've helped hundreds of people to let go of old patterns that were blocking their flow. It's fair to say that with this work, I'm living my passion.

If you know it's your time to shine, you can click right here to schedule a session.

I look forward to meeting you, and working together to make the world a brighter and easier place.