We tend to think we do life and have a body, but the truth is, we do life IN our body.

Because of this truth, our bodies go through a lot. Trauma. Intense emotions. Surgeries, illnesses, and other physical crises. Sleepless nights. Tax time.

My work with the BodyTalk System is an invitation to you and your body to relax and review what in your body and life needs to be reconnected, and what needs to dissolve. The fun part is that we’ll ask your BODY for its position on what you need, and the body, it turns out, is smart.

A session involves you chilling out on my massage table fully dressed while I use a muscle checking technique to have a lively conversation with your body. (I’ll keep you in the loop!) Much of the powerful work that occurs in a BodyTalk session happens the moment your body has a chance to say what it needs to say.

In a session, your body might want to get into a better place physically (migraines, chronic pain, injuries), emotionally (anxiety, stuck anger) or mentally (memory, clarity). Whatever comes up, it’s what you and your body are ready to restore with ease and grace.

Every session is unique, confidential, intriguing and best of all, you’ll walk out in a more harmonious state than you walked in.

Not in Ellensburg? Not a problem. We can also do your session over the phone or Zoom.

A one hour session is $125, or a package of three sessions is $325.

To see what YOUR body needs to say to get into a space of peace and ease, click here to schedule. I look forward to our life-enhancing conversation!