5 reasons smart chicks get life coaching

1. to get started

If you’re like me, you have ideas. Lots of them. You can see yourself creating a small business, booking tickets for a family cruise, and training for a 10K.

If only you could figure out how to start.

The first step in Radiant Life Coaching is identifying your first steps. When your ideas are still in your head, there are infinite directions to choose from. That kind of overwhelm will stop you in your tracks.

As we work together, we’ll use the wisdom of your body and the experiences of your life to help you quickly see what you want most to create, and what straightforward actions (including non-action) to do next.


2. to keep going

You’ve identified your creative dream (write a book! Quit your job! Travel Europe by bicycle!). You’ve started taking the next right action. Things are looking good!

Until they’re not. Wait, what were you doing again? And why? Your mother isn’t going to be happy about you quitting your job. And if you write a book, does that mean you have to go on a hundred-city book tour?

This is the Resistance stage, and it happens to all of us. If you’re humming along and all of a sudden your project seems boring/stupid/impossible, then you’re in Resistance.

With the help of Radiant Life Coaching, you’ll have someone to hold on to during this turbulent and inevitable part of the process. We’ll work together to identify the fears and beliefs that are bubbling up as you dare to claim your dream, and we’ll help them get dissolved so you can move forward.

Also, you’ll have someone to tell you you’re not crazy. You’re actually headed in the right direction.


3. to do less

Remove the non-essential from your life and you instantly create time, space, freedom and money.

Radiant Life Coaching is designed to help you identify and let go of all the everyday junk that’s stuffing your life. Schedule overbooked? Closets cluttered? Credit cards leaning towards maxed? These are all symptoms of a lack of clarity—too much yes because you’re not crystal clear on where to say no.

The purpose of coaching is to ask questions. What do you love? How much can you work? What are you doing for others at the expense of your own peace? What is your body telling you?

Then, with the support of a person who gets it, you can begin to gracefully release everything that’s not in alignment with your highest self.


4. to earn more

Sick of being broke? I was too, so I got some coaching.

With Radiant Life Coaching, we’ll take a clear look at how money moves in your life. Where do you receive it from, and where does it go? How can you easily create more, and how can you seal up money leaks? What beliefs and patterns are defining your relationship with money?

I am a huge believer that when all the heart-centered people have plenty of money, this world will be the better for it.

I also know from my own experience and that of my clients that all it takes to make more money is clearing away blocks. Seriously. Money is energy and it likes to move.

We’ll identify where things are working and where they’re stuck so more money can move in your life too.


5. to live from the heart

I know you want to live a creative, helpful, adventurous life that is shaped exactly to your size. You don’t want the cookie-cutter, she-who-dies-with-the-most-toys-wins life. You want your life to mean something.

With Radiant Life Coaching, we’ll gently uncover your gifts, talents and soul-centered mission so you can make choices that make the most sense for who you truly are.

You don’t have to be Oprah to be amazing. The world needs you to be you. Whether you want to thru-hike the PCT or start a daycare center or go back to school or just spend a summer in a hammock, you have an inner compass that will get you there. And when you’re there, you’ll be exactly where you need to be to do the most good in the world—and love your life while you’re doing it.


The bottom line is, humans need each other to be our full selves. We need someone to listen to us carefully, to offer us impartial feedback, and to be our champion both when the road gets rocky and when we hit high gear.

That’s Radiant Life Coaching.

The introductory rate for a 3-session package is $495.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, you can get started right here.  

I can’t wait to see what we create together!