When is it time for a massage?

Probably right now. If you're drained, cramped-up, stiff or stuck, it's time. If you have so much stress in your life that your brain won't stop, then it's time.

Massage is incredibly healing and restorative, and can help get you back into a body that functions happily.

My style is intuitive and wellness-based, which means my focus is paying attention to your body so it can relax and your muscles can let go. Being a sturdy Swede, I can bring the deep tissue work, but if mellow feel-good is what you need, I do that too. I listen to your body and work with it to bring you more relaxation, movement and ease.

Some of the tools I use to enhance your amazing massage include hot stones, essential oils, cupping, and energetic techniques. And everything I do has a single goal in mind: to leave you walking taller, moving easier, and feeling restored.

My office is located in downtown Ellensburg in the Davidson Building, so it's close to just about everything.

A one hour massage is $75. For more prices and available times, hop on my scheduler. Let's get you back in your happy place!